Colonel and Mrs. James A. Franklin Scholarship

How much is the scholarship?  

  • $500 per semester

Who can apply?

  • An honorably discharged UGA student veteran, active duty, reserve or national guard member who is an undergraduate in good conduct and academic standing studying at the Athens Campus.  Additionally, applicants must be full-time in-residence students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

Selection preference shall be given in priority order to:

  1. Combat veterans (Army CIB or equivalent)
  2. Those currently serving or who have served in the infantry. Desired attributes:  Some level of current engagement in a network relevant to your past service and/or future profession  (i.e. Engagement with the Student Veterans Association, participation in a one or more SVRC or UGA programs to include student organizations, internships, study aboard and/or coaching programs). 

How to apply?

Applications must include:

  • Official DD-214 (please black out your Social Security number)
  • One-page resume

Who will make the selection decision?

  • The Director/SVRC will convene a selection board, which will review the applications and select a recipient 

When will the money show up and how can the money be used? 

  • Award recipients will find the award monies placed in their student account generally 2-3 weeks after notification of selection
  • The money can be used to fund any component associated with the cost of attendance to include: tuition, fees, books, room,  board and miscellaneous expenses 

Who is funding this award: 

  • Col and Mrs. James A. Franklin