SVRC Programs and Services Model

Anticipated Goals:

  • Ease transition from a feeder school into UGA 
  • Improve the student veteran experience through access to programs, services, and resources
  • Facilitate career readiness in preparation for entry into a job or graduate school 

This personalized session reduces transfer shock by helping students prepare for the often unexpected rigors of a Tier-1 Research University.

Systematically connects our student veterans to an SVRC staff member with the option for additional Peer-to-Peer engagements

Located in the registrar’s office, the Certifying Official (  is responsible for receiving/processing all VA-administered educational benefits. 

Student veterans have priority registration, but like all students they must meet with an academic adviser prior to each registration period.

A nationally recognized veteran-led student organization focused on engagement, service, and advocacy.

A dedicated student veterans lounge – with large screen TV, coffee pot, couches and chairs – located in Room 484 of the Tate Student Center.

Eases the transition of incoming veterans by pairing them with faculty or staff members with similar academic, career, and/or personal interests.

Earn $100 by taking less than 60 minutes to work with another veteran to record your unique history from boots to books and beyond.

Awards and scholarships, funded by community and corporate sponsors, are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

An “information desk” staffed by student veterans from 8:00AM to 5:00PM with access from 8:00AM to 9:00PM to a study room, computer kiosks, printing, refrigerator, and microwave.

A graduate- or professional-level student veteran that augments the SVRC staff each semester.

An awareness program taught by SVRC staff to ensure students, faculty, staff, community, non-profit, and corporate leaders are attuned to our veterans and their needs.

A recurring SVRC publication released 2-3 times each month that helps to ensure our military-affiliated students are kept attuned to opportunities within the veteran space.

Well-placed faculty, staff, community, non-profit, and corporate professionals who have relationships with the SVRC centered around supporting our student veterans.

Jump-starts early career discussions and brand development (resume building and networking), which improves a student’s ability to compete in today’s job market.

Encouraging student veterans to take part in meaningful internships, study abroad and work-study opportunities that align with their academic pursuits.

Offers student veterans – using VA benefits at a ¾ load or above – the opportunity to work within the SVRC. For more information, contact

Connecting student veterans to well-placed professionals, faculty, and peers to enhance their educational experience and widen their professional networks.

Corporate partners across the country work directly with SVRC staff to provide employment opportunities to student veterans.

For more information on any of these programs, contact