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Readiness Coaches are a critical resource to help develop a professional resume. Often Veterans have trouble translating their military skills and experiences into language that civilian employers will appreciate. That’s where our coaches step in. Using a variety of tools and resources our coaches can help student veterans craft resumes that reflect their brand and are relevent to their job searches. Resumes are only a one part of what our readiness coaches provide.

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Below are resume  examples. These are a good starting point and reference to help our Student Veterans build a quality resume. Additional tools are available to students working with our readiness coaches. 


The Student Veterans’ Resource Center partners with VMock SMART Career Platform to help students create a powerful resume and accelerate their careers. VMock, an online resume review tool is powered by cutting edge data-science, machine learning, and natural language processing, VMock provides instant personalized resume feedback 24/7 based on your profile, experiences and background.

The platform is backed by sophisticated analytics along with global best practices and recruiters’ perspectives that will make resumes career-ready.

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JOBSCAN is another tool for your applicant tool bag that allows you to get a sense of how well your tailored resume aligns with a specific job description.   

Today, such tools are important because they allow you to optimize your resume for a specific job. Optimization should matter to you because most resumes collected online go through an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) that uses algorithms to rack and stack resumes based on alignment to the advertised human capital need.  If you can’t get through this initial filtering process you’ll never get to the hiring manager.

You get five free pulls from JOBSCAN a month; to try it click here.